• Bedroom Range - Hannah

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    The Hannah range is made form solid pine with a waxed distressed finish. Available as individual or as a complete set order. Please see Beds for a matching style. Please see Details below:

    1. Hannah bedroom range Image 1
    2. 2+2 draw Chest image 2, height 83cm, width 80cm, depth 40cm, weight 22KG.
    3. 6 Draw Chest Image 3, height 100cm, width 110cm, depth 40cm, weight 37KG.
    4. 3 Door wardrobe image 4, height 175cm, width 118cm, depth 50cm, Weight 58KG.
    5. 3 Draw Bedside Image 5, height 57cm, width 46cm, depth 40cm, Weight 11KG.
    6. 5 Draw Narrow Chest Image 6, height 89cm, Width 64cm, depth 40cm, weight 16KG.
    7. 4 Drawer Chest Image 7, height 73cm, width 80cm, depth 40cm, weight 20KG.
    8. 2 door wardrobe Image 8, height 175cm, width 80cm, depth 50cm, weight 37KG.
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