• Bedroom Range - Helen

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    Traditional Wooden Oak bedroom range - Helen. Available in Grey & Oak and Cream & Oak. With a large range of styles so you can design your own dream bedroom! You can either buy items separately or as a set.

    Please see details below:

    1. Helen Bed Image 1 with footboard, also available without footboard, height 104cm, Width Double and King Size + 30cm, length 215cm, Weight 60KG.
    2. Dresser with Mirror image 2, height 77cm, Width 120cm, depth 42cm, Weight 31KG.
    3. Double Wardrobe with draw Image 3, Height 193cm, Width 106cm, Depth 58cm, Weight 86KG.
    4. 3 Drawer bedside Image 4, height 60cm, Width 49cm, Depth 41cm, Weight 19KG.
    5. 3 Door 2 Draw Wardrobe Image 5, Height 193cm, Width 155cm, Depth 58cm, Weight 109KG.
    6. Narrow 5 Drawer Chest Image 6, height 102cm, width 56cm, Depth 42cm, Weight 33KG.
    7. 2 + 2 Draw Chest image 7, height 77cm, Width 97cm, depth 42cm, weight 38KG.
    8. 3 + 4 Draw Chest image 8, height 77cm, width 138cm, depth 42cm, Weight 51KG.
    9. 4 + 2 Draw Chest Image 9, height 118cm, width 97cm, depth 42cm, Weight 56KG.