• Bedroom Range - Oak Martha

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    An oak bedroom range that is sturdy and made to a high quality available in natural oak wax finish or can be painted off white /grey please see images. Can be bought as individual piece or as a set.

    Please see details below:

    1. Oak Bed image 1 height 120cm, width double 148cm, king size 164cm, super king size 194cm, length 224cm, weight 80KG.
    2. 2 Door 2 draw wardrobe image 2 height 190cm, width 110cm, depth 60cm, weight 84KG.
    3. 3 draw bedside image 3 height 66cm, width 50cm, depth 40cm, weight 19KG. 
    4. 9 draw chest image 4 height 82cm, width 139cm, depth 43cm, weight 60KG.
    5. 3 + 2 Chest image 5 height 99cm, width 94cm, depth 43cm, weight 48KG.
    6. 3 Door 5 door wardrobe image 7 height 190cm, width 159cm, depth 60cm, weight 120KG,
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