• Buttoned Material Beds

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    A range of material bed frames with buttoned headboards and foot boards, these are extremely popular and stylish beds made to a high finish. With a large range of styles, designs and colours you should be able to fins just what you want. Have a look at our mattress and bedroom furniture range to match with any of these. Please see details below: 

    1. Millie bed image 1, available in Red or Grey material. Height 102cm, width (Q) 146cm (D) 163cm (K) 177cm, length 220cm, weight 49KG, clearance 11cm.
    2. Joanna bed image 2, available in grey material. Height 119cm, width (D) 167cm (K) 181cm (SK) 210cm, length 235cm, weight 120KG, clearance 5cm.
    3. Betty bed image 3, available in sky blue or grey material. Height 105cm, width (D) 168cm (K) 182cm, length 210cm, weight 55KG, clearance 10cm.
    4. Susan bed image 4, available in charcoal or grey material. Height 121cm, width (D) 143cm (K) 158cm (SK) 188cm, length 220cm, weight 55KG, clearance 10cm.
    5. Michelle bed image 5, available in grey material. Height 138cm, width (K) 163cm (SK) 192cm, length 248cm, weight 72KG, clearance 15cm.
    6. Nicola bed image 6, available in steel, charcoal or grey material. Height 118cm, width (D) 149cm (K) 163cm (SK) 192cm, length 259cm, weight 73KG, clearance 11cm.
    7. Jade bed image 7, available in black material with crystal buttons. Height 118cm, width (D) 149cm (K) 163cm (SK) 192cm, length 255cm, weight 72KG, clearance 11cm.
    8. Constance bed image 8, available in grey material. Height 122cm, width (K) 159cm (SK) 188cm, length 220cm, weight 135KG, clearance 5cm.
    9. Gabriel bed image 9, available in charcoal or grey. Height 117cm, width (D) 145cm (K) 159cm, length 220cm, weight 95KG, clearance 5cm.
    10. May bed image 10, available in black or steel material. Height 127cm, width (D) 151cm (K) 165cm (SK) 194cm, length 242cm, weight 75KG, clearance 11cm.
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