• Commercial Swings

    £900.00 £500.00

    Our commercial Double Swing Frame has been designed and manufactured in the UK.  This Double Swing Frame offers commercial purchasers a strong, attractive swing frame at a very reasonable price.You are free to choose the swing seat that best suits your requirements (see below for suggestions).  

    PRODUCT INFORMATION Dimensions: 2.6m (d) x 3.6m (w) x 2.5m (h)
The total recommended safety surface area is 8m (d) x 4m (w) = 32 sq m. Safety perimeter: 2m minimum recommended 

    Double swing frame  RRP £1200.00   Special PRICE £700.00 

    Please select seating when ordering to suit your needs. 

    The swing frames with swings are all hand made in our factory so you can increase the size or add    extra swings if you so require please see image below for 4-swing frame.  PRICE £1300.00 

    • Image 1 4 Swing Frame
    • Image 2 Double swing
    • Image 3 Nest swing
    • Image 4 Tyre Seat
    • Image 5 Child seat
    • Image 6 Baby Seat
    • Image 7 Nest