• Leather Beds

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    A range of leather bed frames in colours and styles to suit and bedroom styles. Sizes single (S) 3ft, Queen (Q) 4ft, Double (D) 4ft 6, King (K) 5ft, Super King (SK) 6ft. Please details below:

    1. Claire bed image 1, available in brown. Height 89cm, width (S) 96cm, length 213cm, weight 38KG, clearance 10cm.
    2. Dawn bed image 2, available in brown. Height 108cm, width (D) 144cm (K) 159cm (SK) 189cm, length 240cm, weight 75KG, clearance 12cm.
    3. Gabby bed image 3, available in white, brown or black. Height 89cm, width (S) 97cm (Q) 127cm (D) 143cm (K) 157cm, length 210cm, weight 30KG, clearance 11cm.
    4. Lynsey bed image 4, available in brown or white. Height 95cm, width (D) 147cm (K) 162cm, length 230cm, weight 59KG, clearance 7cm.
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