• Mirrored Bedroom range - Kassia

    £239.00 £209.00

    The kassia mirrored bedroom range is high quality finished mirrored furniture this stunning range features a mirrored finish with bevelled edges and elegant mock crystal handles.. Available as individual items or as a complete set.

    Please see details below:

    1. 2 Draw bedside Image 1 height 60cm, width 40cm, depth 40cm, weight 24KG.
    2. Dressing Table Image 2 height 82cm, width 122cm, depth 40cm, weight 50KG.
    3. 3 Draw bedside image 3 height 64cm, width 40cm, depth 40cm, weight 32KG.
    4. 5 Draw narrow chest image 4 height 123cm, width 50cm, depth 40cm, weight 59KG.
    5. 3 + 2 Chest of Drawers Image 5 height 102cm, width 80cm, depth 40cm, weight 68KG.
    6. 3 draw chest image 6 height 82cm, width 80cm, depth 40cm, weight 51KG.
    7. 6 Draw chest Image 7 height 72cm, width 125cm, depth 40cm, weight 72KG.