• Sofa Beds

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    A Range of Sofa beds, which are stylish day time sofas in a range of materials and styles transforming to comfortable double beds when needed. Great for extra space or when unexpected guests are coming to stay. Please see details below:

    1. Rose Sofa Bed image 1, seat height 44cm, width as sofa 86cm as bed 173cm, length 198cm.
    2. Debbie Sofa Bed Image 2, seat height 43cm, width as sofa 86cm as bed 112cm, length 157cm. 
    3. Coral Sofa Bed image 3 available in black or brown, seat height 37cm, width as sofa 50cm as bed 96cm, length 167cm.
    4. Dorothy Sofa Bed Image 4 available in material as shown, seat height 39cm, width as sofa 86cm as bed 105cm, length 181cm.
    5. Carla Sofa Bed Image 5 available in grey material, seat height 33cm, width as sofa 85cm as bed 108cm, length 183cm.
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