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    A range of stylish wooden bed frames in a range of colours and sizes. Please see mattress section for deals on our mattresses to go with this. Beds sizes Single (S) 3ft, Queen (Q) 4ft, Double (D) 4ft 6, King (K) 5 ft or Super King (SK) 6ft. Please see details below:

    1. Oak Martha (this is available with a full range of matching furniture see furniture for the bedroom) Image 1, available in grey or Oak. Height 120cm, width (D) 148cm (K) 164cm (SK) 194cm, length 220cm, weight 83KG, clearance 21cm.
    2. Brunswick Pine Image 2, available in antique pine or ivory finish. Height 97cm, Width (S) 102cm (Q) 132cm (D) 147cm (K) 163cm, length 210cm, weight 36KG, clearance 27cm.
    3. Gaynor Pine image 3, available in antique pine. Height 85cm, Width (S) 97cm (Q) 128cm (D) 143cm, Length 196cm, Weight 21KG, Clearance 26cm.
    4. Lisa Pine Image 4, available in antique pine. Height 90cm, Width (S) 97cm (Q) 128cm (D) 143cm, length 201cm, Weight 27KG, Clearance 29cm.
    5. Rosaline bed Image 5, available in antique pine. Height 89cm, width (S) 99cm (Q) 129cm (D) 144cm, length 202cm, weight, clearance 21cm.
    6. Hilary Pine bed image 6, available in antique pine and white washed. Height 85cm, width (S) 98cm (Q) 129cm (D) 144cm, length 200cm, weight 25KG, clearance 26cm.
    7. Megan Pine Bed image 7, available in white wash or antique pine. Height 85cm, width (S) 101cm (Q) 132cm (D) 147cm, length 196cm, weight 20KG, clearance 26cm.
    8. Samar Pine bed image 8, available in antique pine. Height 90cm, width (S) 100cm (Q) 130cm (D) 145cm, length 202cm, weight 27KG, clearance 27cm.
    9. Marie Trundle bed Image 9, available in Oak and white. The bottom bed pulls out and raises so the two create a king size bed. Height 106cm, width (S) 100cm, length 202cm, weight 42KG, clearance 36cm.
    10. Eva Pine bed Image 10, available in pine with or without foot board. Height 117cm, width (S) 102cm (Q) 133cm (D) 148cm (K) 163cm, length 210cm, weight 42KG, clearance 26cm.
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